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Blooming Deliveries: Sending Flowers to Tung Chung, Airport, Headland Hotel, and More!

Sending flowers to someone in the airport areas of Hong Kong is easy with same-day delivery available. Buildings and hotels in the area include Tung Chung Crescent, Caribbean Coast, Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Novotel Citygate Hong Kong, and Citygate Outlets. There are many different types of flower arrangements to choose from, including roses and sunflowers. Same-day delivery options ensure that gifts arrive on time, whether it's to an office or hotel room. Brighten someone's day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, no matter where they are!

The Perfect Blooms for Your Friend in Hong Kong

50 Stems Mix Color Roses Bouquet with 25 Yellow Roses and 25 Champagne Color Roses..
HK$1,360.00 HK$1,300.00
Eighteen Red Rose Round Bouquet This flower bouquet consists of 18 long sticks of roses. The roses are arranged in the shape of a bouquet and given a..
HK$1,060.00 HK$960.00
12 Mixed Short Stem Rose Vase Bouquet
-11 %
12 Mixed Short Stem Rose Bouquet This Vase arrangement with one doze of bloomed rose in a short vase with some seasonal greenery, you can choose diff..
HK$810.00 HK$720.00
A Nice Bouquet with 18pcs Red and 18pcs Pink Roses with Greeny beautifully wrapped with seasonal flowers and decorate with Light Brown color papers..
HK$1,480.00 HK$1,430.00
Eighteen Roses Bouquet in White color for your pure Love, she shall be very happy when receive this bouquet..
HK$860.00 HK$810.00
Angela Baby Please Marry Me
-12 %
A wonderful 100pcs Long steam Red Roses Bouquet, she should be very happy when the flowers arrived her office..
HK$3,468.00 HK$3,068.00
Milk Pink Roses Boquuet 18pcs
-12 %
A Bunch of Special Color Milk Pink roses Bouquet for some special , 18pcs roses bouquet beautifully wrapped in a pink color paper..
HK$830.00 HK$730.00